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Get 15 % of discount on  tattoo of 10 inches and above.

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Create a memorable experience of tradition and nostalgia while providing a modern, clean environment with the best of tattooing supplies and sterilization equipment.

  • Airbrush Tattoo
  • Temporary tattoo
  • Hospital sterilization
  • Custom original artwork
  • All Styles of tattooing
  • Brightest possible ink colors
  • New needles used with every new customer
  • New Gloves, new tip, new ink cap and razor etc

All piercings include high quality jewelry specific to your individual needs. We only use single use needles on all tattoos and piercings. We are highly respected in the tattoo and piercing industry and offer completely private rooms, fair pricing and a clean friendly environment

  • Hospital sterilization
  • All standard piercings offered
  • New needles used with every new customer

Permanent Tattoo Art ,C-1529, Sushant Lok-I Near Gold souk, Gurgaon.Ph:+91-8800637272

1. Permanent Tattoo Art C-1529, Sushant Lok-I Near Gold souk, Gurgaon Ph +91-8800637272

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